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HG Safari Week 147

Region: HGSafari
Event begins: 2 years ago: 17 May 2017 12:00 SLT

Join us to explore the hyperverse and make new friends. More details at the clubhouse.

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Thirza 2 years ago
Three 1-hour stops... so that means, dress light and don't get lost!

DESTINATION 1 +Phaandor Pertwee and +Arielle Delamerlibre welcome us to Phaandoria! Learn a bit about this great grid, and its famous dance sim, Der Krater
DESTINATION 2 Load Test on +Jade Serenity 's grid, Jadeyland. It's a landscape born for medieval roleplay. There will be dancing in the sky! Bring your camera and your questions.
DESTINATION 3 Bill Blight invites us to check out Opensim Life Grid. We meet and greet on the Arrival point, then go to play Soccer, and if there is time Jet Ski racing! There's a lot to do on