Luster Adult

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10 Aug 2018 13:00 SLT
Formal dance on the patio. Dance in one of the most beautiful venues in opensim. Love is in the air... bring your love or find a new one here. Hypergridders are welcome.
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4 Mar 2017 13:00 SLT
Join us in one of the very few black tie venues in virtual. Dance to romantic tunes on the terrace. Check out the stores for FREE formals if you have no suitable outfits. Bring a date, make her you...
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Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Sweethearts Dance
11 Feb 2017 13:00 SLT
Join Live DJ Roeffelos Kisses for an immersive pre- V -day event. Come dance on the terrace of the Rendevous Club, one of the most romantic sims in OS. Chat in the deco themed bar. Stroll the patios...
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Luster Formal Dance -Rendevous Club
4 Feb 2017 13:00 SLT
Join us for the inaugural event at the best and most beautiful formal dance region in opensim. Formal dress required . If you don't have anything don't worry we have promotional freebies at the club...
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