Zweet ZurroundingZ



As soon as you arrive in Zweet ZurroundingZ you know you've found something different. You'll be drawn down a path that leads past waterfalls so real you can feel the mist. As you stroll along under a canopy of tree tops and jungle roots hanging from the air, you'll encounter tree high ferns adorned with flowers that make you want to smell them. The textures on them are so rich and vibrant they appear to have been plucked from the rain forest and downloaded in some mysterious fashion known only to Amsterdam, the creator and sim owner. A HUGE VAR with soooo much to see! And while you're wandering around with your jaw hanging down, drooling over all the original textures, trees, flowers, mesh terrain, mesh river etc...don't forget to look down. The grass you'll see there is THE best, hands down, grass I've seen ANYWHERE! It's so perfect it makes you want to roll around in it. Don't miss the castle! Plan to LandMark it, you'll for sure want to go back!
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