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Savvy is a medieval/steampunk themed Var-region.
You will find a lot of freebies and the new La Baronnie, free rigged and fitted mesh shoes, free men's clothing and accessories and art. All mesh.

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JessieCampbell 5 months
I am SO glad to re-discover the wonderful La Baronnie shopping area which I feared was lost in the Metro mess. Taarna makes such exceptional products...I have had her works in my closet for YEARS! If you have a CLASSIC avatar like me, you cannot go wrong here! Remember she made the first mesh feet that really LOOK like feet!

Remember to let things rezz she has LOTS of mesh things...just go there..then go grab a cup of coffee...and when you return SHOP SHOP SHOP! Thank you Taarna !! HUGGS!
Taarna_Welles 4 months
Thank you :)
MelodyStar 6 months
I love this place so much and the shoes are awesome. I visited both locations and there is a problem with some of the shoes not being set for sale. Hope you can fix that soon. Thank you so much for the shoes. I would love to see more styles for the high feet.
Taarna_Welles 6 months
Hello MelodyStar, Thank you for warning. I stopped counting how often I changed the permissions. Please check again. You can always send an IM inworld. :)
Moontan 1 years
This is a lovely place with a lot of quality free mesh clothes and shoes. I have been here several times before today and the free items were there. Thank you for your generous gifts Taarna. I love the YOU outfit and the victorian high heeled ankleboots !
this place a blantamnt lie saw no freebies so pathetic tyo lie to get people there
Looks like most of the vendors have moved out.
Taarna_Welles 1 years
What do you mean??
Cataplexia 3 years
OMG Shoes! :D I LOVE Savvy! A beautifully stylish steampunk super-find of fashion and sues set in such a creative steampunk atmosphere! Some of the best shoes and fashion out there....MEN- don't miss out! Although there's plenty of goodies for women, i think this region caters to men's fashion more than you ever imagined! Go! Shop! - Cataplexia Numbers
JohnnyBeGood 3 years
This is a place that we found when we first came to OpenSim. Top quality items in this store. If you miss this place - you have missed out!!!
WaydaDreamscape 4 years
Great shop!
Rigged and fitted mesh!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Keep the good Work :-)
harthelie 4 years

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The first feet that really LOOK like feet....Taarna was so far ahead of her time...and still is!! Thank you Taarna!! HUGGS! ♥♥♥
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