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Home of the Canadian Veteran's War Memorials built by Tigerkitti Eberdene (same as sl). There is a full replica of an army base for the fictional 222 Service Battalion. CFB-WMV (Stands for Canadian Forces Base Wilson, in honour of my rl father who was a WW2 Vet) Uniforms at the landing point if you are interested. There is a church, several memorials. Be sure to visit Beaver Hall. If you wish to light a candle at the memorials you can do so by touching the candle and typing into chat your intentions. There are a few donation wells around the base if you are able to help keep this place going. Anyone from the great Canadian grid who are veterans, or who have immediate family can have a picture put up on the "veterans among us" memorial. 2 full sims together, including Honour Point at the main landing, and Also next door is ScotsDale-DragonMoor. In the sky is a medieval 2 sim area that is home to Failte Touta Vampire clan and family. That area is called FailteShire. There will be RP there in time. All are welcome to visit, but please do not enter private homes or rooms. There are greedy games in Beaver Hall on the base as well. Come explore and enjoy what I have built for all. Tigerkitti Eberdene (Tig) We have had a few events including A Beltane Ball that had an amazing turnout of 48 people! Also, we held an event commemorating the liberation of Scotland from the Nazis in WW2. Next event is a Summer Solstice Ball to be held at the FaitleShire area in the outside dance gazebo. With luck eventually we will have hockey we can play! Working on that still. This is a land that has been worked hard on and worth the visit!

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raynoon 9 months ago
Amazing place to visit Make sure you run the obstacle course .... and with any luck you may just see a Vampire or 2 ..
Tigerkitti2014 9 months ago
:-) Or even a cute wolf running around.

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Summer Solstice Ball to be held on June 223rd. 2-4 grid time at the FailteShire area of land.
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raynoon Marianna Darlin funfun