Pride City
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Pride City - Virtual Life Mehr als nur wohnen und shoppen. Alles kann - nichts muss Ich habe das Grid, im Ursprung, für Schwule und Lesben gegründet, da ich der Meinung sind, dass gerade diese "Ra...

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djwolfmanjoe neko posted an update
club wolfpack cave be opening soon
1 hours ago
oopsee Adachi posted an update
*** HUGE YARD SALE *** Look Alice It's Sooo BIG Covers a full Region All Full Perms and Take Copy
19 hours ago
IntrepidBoudica The Conglomerate posted an update
Bali Boho for Athena now available for you, your grid, and all freebie shops!
20 hours ago
mysticmoonlight RocknRoll Dreams posted an update
Party Every Wed night @ 9pm est -11 pm est we Rock to the great sounds of our friend DJ Purr!! come party with us make some friends n bring your own.
LisaLou Central City posted an update
2 neue Shops sind nun eröffnet. 2 new Shops now open
2 days ago
Goldenmoon Golden Shopping posted an update
NEW bathroom model… with more furniture and animations..... bigger bath tub with bubbles, washing, relaxing, cuddles... furniture with radio, kiss furniture, double sinks, toilets, decorations..... walls & floor are copy & modify to fit your house… You'll find it last floor in Dreams of Water shop, near Party Time.
2 days ago
SpoileDivaCarissa Dreamgrid 28 posted an update
I am sorry to say Dreamgrid is down, for how long I don't know. Outworldz did and update and knocked it all out. Aussie is trying to get it back up. I have another place in Gevolution but it doesn't have the prim nor the amount of products I have on Dreamgrid. It's mostly clothing for classic avis and I haven't put a beacon there yet. I am probably in a few months get a var there and open the s...
2 days ago
karenparksuk Morocco Nights posted an update
Access is now all sorted - we have had 10 Avatars in the region at the same time and all worked well. Stress test with 20+ soon !!!
2 days ago

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