Goldenmoon Goldenmoon posted March 10, 2019, 09:54

what can you do when some keep adding bad comments...

What can you do when some keep adding bad comments to all the region of your grid ?
… I am sure they didn't even come to visit, because they send the same comments with different accounts who have no region to show, so they hide to try to spoil the work of all region owners on my grid "Breath in Freedom"...


Arielle 1 months ago
Maybe one wouldn't get bad comments on their grids and regions if they weren't trashing other people's grids and regions in the first place. Now it is starting to spill over onto one's who weren't involved to begin with but that's the result when people start witch hunting.
I noticed that even old posts have the edit button for one to clean up their posts. Maybe availing oneself of that ability and cleaning up some overly critical and accusatory reviews from past will mollify and tone down the rhetoric that this site is becoming prone to. Then we wouldn't need a "poor me, I'm being victimized" thread.
Zindraya 2 months ago
All i can say is that this website would be much better if they turned off reviews and comments, just have it as a directory where people can find regions, events etc without all the drama and arguing, I did ask about this before with the owner but was told that I could not remove the reviews or comments features for any regions that I plan on adding
SamsaraTimeless 2 months ago
It's just happened to me with New York City.. absolute claptrap and obvious griefing.. One person actually gave me a zero star rating in reviews and funnily enough my visitor counter must have a glitch because they didnt appear as having visited at all. Two other viscious people in the comments too. Fortunatly plenty of genuine people who had visited posted positive comments.. So then I got accused of paying people to post them. I've let them stand as they speak for themselves when juxtaposed against all the good and positive comments. The Irish have a saying... It is.... Fook The Begrudgers!
Elijah 2 months ago
Hello Goldenmoon responding all we can do is stand together and try to support the grid owners by visiting there place and giving them a good review. Sorry this has happened to you.
HoneyBaudin 2 months ago
Well no worry… I just closed my most famost region (Golden Shopping) to HG visitors and now most of all there is free for my résidents…. but I give free plots to new ones, you're welcome if you want..
Goldenmoon 2 months ago
HI… Thanks to all for your replies… but no I won't delete my region and put them back because that would be lost of many likes, many good comments, and by the way… It would not stop them from doing it again… So my region and grid will stay as they are, and yes, those who come and come back can see how it is and the work I've put in it…
Roleplayed 2 months ago
Hell no don't give in to the no life harassers.

This is just like on Second Life, they think they can push you out of existence.

Fight back.
JaniaCleanslate 2 months ago
I am responding to OP - @Goldenmoon - sadly the only way is to delete the region add it new - copy and paste all the positive reviews back as quoted text from the previous listing and wash away the negativity - I do believe that honest reviews should remain - but sadly people do use the comment section as an instrument for abuse. hopefully my comment help - I often gift coins to the regions I love even if i can't leave a comment especially around Xmas time :-) randomly - I love seeing what everyone comes up with and creates and does - it is a beautiful thing being able to experience everyone creativity here in OpenSim. Please all keep up the sharing and creativity some of us absolutely love it and appreciate it :-)
Terry 2 months ago
Hi :) I am responding to Goldenmoon's post only I think all region owners having problems with bad or false reviews should post here. Then the community can visit and give them a proper review . Thanks.
Barrett_Jackson 2 months ago
What is the sense in having a review / comment system if the owner can delete what he/she does not like? Reviews are intended to be honest "opinion" not gospel fact. A reply should be cordial, understanding, and most important to the point! It is pretty obvious to me this thread has gone well beyond the boundary of civil and taken the direction of a schoolyard brawl.
HarmonyMeadows 2 months ago
Hi :) I am responding to Goldenmoon's post of March 10 and haven't read the rest of the thread. Today I noticed that someone gave me 1 gold star (thank you) but said that the owner (me) ..was extremely rude and that there was terrible lag. I checked my visitor lists which I keep in various spots all over my region and that person has never been to my region. I messaged him and invited him back as I know in my heart he put the comment on the wrong page. I have had 334 people in my Christmas Village alone, most are visitors from the hypergrid. I greet everyone if I am there and welcome them. I have never had a complaint. All are welcome..that's why I build :) I've had several large parties without issue. If it wasn't a mistake, I think it very unfortunate that some people get their kicks from hurting others. I hope that is not the case here. I love visiting all your regions!! Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for all the friends I have made in Open Sim! Hugs all around! Harmony Beningborough, owner of Harmony Meadows..Discovery Grid
Evarista 2 months ago
It's more than one so it's organized crime ;)
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
MalaniBaller just now
I can drop links too!

Report Evarista here
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
This discussion was about getting help about bad comments this discussion was not created by me it was created by Goldenmoon for help. Leave me alone thank you very much.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
I see I am still walking free tho so your point was? This coming from the creator ok like i said lastnight. This discussion was about getting help about bad comments this discussion was not created by me it was created by Goldenmoon for help. Leave me alone thank you.
Evarista 2 months ago
We don't deal with this type of people, authority's do, all we keep doing is reporting them, we let them write because it will incriminate them more ;)

Tax Evasion Fraud report links:
Roleplayed 2 months ago
what is even wrong with you?

Seriously, this is supposed to be fun. Is that like, too much to ask for?

Leave these people the hell alone. Knock off the 'report them here!!' bs!!

You're bringing down this entire thread, and anywhere else that crap is posted.

I for one am sick of it. We're trying to enjoy OpenSim.

Would that possibly be ok with you?
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
I can drop links too!

Report Evarista here
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
If you dont deal with this type of people stop typing them then and let the fake authorities handle it not so bright one ty. Your so bogus your grabbing google tax links it needs to be reported in the state I live in you who. lmao this is hilarious another day of comedy for me :) If we dare speak against you the scanner gang will stalk you for days. Well I am willing to be the example just so everyone sees all the alts and accounts so keep on pasting if I really cared I would of killed my self days ago. I find it extremely funny that you think something will be done to me. Here we are it is another day I am still here! So please keep typing so everyone can see who the stalkers are. xoxo
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
LLC Taxes are paid yearly all income is reported!

This discussion was about getting help about bad comments this discussion was not created by me it was created by Goldenmoon for help. Leave me alone thank you.
Roleplayed 2 months ago
Malani you don't have to answer to this ahole or anyone harassing you.

This is absolutely ridiculous and I haven't seen this kind of spiteful, nosy crap to do with OpenSim till I saw all these comments here on this.

It's no one damned business about your taxes or anyone elses. Is this something new or is harassment like this a thing in Open Sim?? Here I thought it was better than SL ...
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
I want to make this clear I do not have any thing against anyone or there grid. I do not have anything against copy bot. I never said I did not use any freebies for personal use. What I said is I do not sell there freebie items. What I said is grid owners can do what they want. if is free be free but don't get angry with us because we choose to sell to people and flag our pages. This has gotten out of hand all they wanted to do was show that my grid has used freebi items they did that but they have yet to prove I sell them for money which is what I asked in the beginning. Yes maybe I should not have got nasty with them but when you are being harassed by multiple alts I am human. If you are a free grid be free if you do not want us in your grid for your personal belief please ban the grid I will in return ban yours. Actually I have closed my doors the only regions that will be open are two sims for gloebits due to this. Thank you Roleplayed for your thoughts and opinion I respect what you type because your not slandering me have a great day. P.S. LLC I pay taxes yearly and I have 3 other businesses were I earn virtual money that I cash out I report all income it is the american law.
Roleplayed 2 months ago
thank you Malani, as I said you don't owe anyone here an explanation on your private finances or how you run your Grid :) I don't blame you for getting nasty, I do the same when attacked and you were absolutely being attacked!
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
I know I just like to be clear because words have been twisted and things have spiraled out of control I played my part and that I take responsibility for that but sometimes when you feel you are up against a wall you have to come out swinging.

I am over the matter I just want to be clear that I have no problem with freebi I just don't want anyone telling me what to do on my grid. I don't tell others what to do on there's. If people are angry of commercial grids simply just close us out we do not know we are not welcome until we can not enter. All this petty exposing did nothing to be honest and it did not solve goldenmoons question which was how to stop bad comments.

I do not hate open sim I have been in open sim 6 years I have been a grid owner 3 and half years if I hated it I would not be here. We need to let people play virtual how they wish and stop the commercial and freebi nonsense.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
This discussion was about getting help about bad comments this discussion was not created by me it was created by Goldenmoon for help. Leave me alone
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Yep I said that and? right after that I blocked you cervrils alt. next.
Evarista 2 months ago

MalaniBaller 3 days ago
More commercial goods! Less stolen goods! Go away cyber bullies! 4 stars for Jimmy.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago

Are these items being sold? Nice try you guys do not follow directions very well I asked for proof I sell your items. Did you provide that nope. Throws a bag of rotten eggs paste me selling the items please or go to work on something in open sim. Every time I catch a negative comment on a region owners review yep I am going to paste it and give them 5 stars. You wasted 3 days of my life for this? Lol ok gurl.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Were are the textures which I stole that shows nothing but items obtained it does not show I stole anything. Were is the texture I stole it was said that all of this is rezzed out on my grid on a platform were are the pics of that you did not post what you said next. > 4 stars was given to the region you flagged with zero stars why dont you screen shot your bad review you left. You took 3 days to log on an alt to show screen shot of 20 items obtained over a year ago were are the screen shots of the texture that was stolen scroll down in read from 24 hours ago never said we don't use freebies what i said sense you don't comprehend because there is a language barrier is we do not sell freebies do you understand that? or you need it to be recorded and broken down so you can understand. onriki grid been banned a whole year ago you are so pressed that your revealing who you are. Kitely grid does not apply and I do not see any textures stolen with any copy bot viewer what I see is items obtained that were free for personal use. Please come back in 24 hours again with something else. When you flag commercial grids for no reason when we are minding our business I have a right to say more commercial less stolen no were in the sentence did it say I never had a freebie so you are bat shit crazy. Stop wasting so much time logging on all these different alts and just post on your regular one we already know who you are and personally I had digi ban that grid over 12 months ago so good night!
Goldenmoon 2 months ago
omg … why so many fights just for so few… You know best would be to use only the comments to add good ones… and that would be the best way to do… We are all adults, and all know when we go to a place if we like it or not, if we want to buy something or not, if it's stolen or not…. If people could only write good comments or just Nothing, there would be no more fight and no more troubles… and all more simple… or just no possibility to add any comment for no one, you put a like if you like or Nothing if you Don't…. and maybe a way to only write to the region owner in "private" if you have something to ask or something not working good or wrong, but idea would be more to help the region owner than to start a fight !
Sobriety.Sux 2 months ago
Never make assumptions about members who have no active region beacon. It never once occurred to you that a region administrator or trusted friend previously has their managed region(s) listed? This forum is no different than Amazon with alt fake reviews, and alt fake comments. If you think differently, you are one naive individual. I agree that comments have spiraled out of control here. When that scenario happens, there is usually a good reason why it does. The key is those involved have taken no steps toward resolution.
coder 2 months ago
Unfortunately, some GRID operators are still trying to connect to the Linden Lab success story. Sell ​​digital items and make money. Unfortunately, this did not work anymore. Opensim has shown that LindenLab is different. On the other hand, users are no longer prepared to invest a lot of money every month.

Of course, Globit offers its services and makes sales. They would go crazy if they did not do this.

The question that we should discuss is this: Why are the grid operators / SIM operators, who want to make money with all their might, not go back to SL?

I think the answer is obvious. 95% of these SIM operators / grid operators have not created their own and would have no revenue.

It's easier here in OpenSim. Copy objects from other grids and sell them against hard currency on your own SIM. Leave the work to others and enrich it. That's the motto according to which many grid operators work. This shabby behavior has been pointed out by various OpenSimler and various Copyboter and even you were outlawed.

In my personal opinion, one should now really go on to ban grids and sims that work with Globits in their own grid. Surely this is not 100% protection, but it sends a signal that real money for digital goods in openSim has no business.

German Version
Leider versuchen immer noch einige GRID Betreiber an die Linden Lab Erfolgsgeschichte anzuschliessen. Verkaufe digitale Items und mache damit Geld. Das dieses nicht mehr funktioniert haben diese leider nicht begriffen. Opensim hat LindenLab gezeigt, dass es auch anders geht. Zum anderen sind die User nicht mehr bereit, jeden Monat eine Mege Geld zu investieren.

Klar bietet Globit seine Dienste an und macht damit Umsatzt. Sie währen verrückt wenn sie dieses nicht tun würden.

Die Frage die wir doch mal besprechen sollten, ist doch folgende: Warum gehen die Gridbetreiber / SIM Betreiber, die mit aller Macht Geld verdienen wollen, nicht zurück nach SL?

Ich denke, die Antwort liegt klar auf der Hand. 95% dieser SIM Betreiber / Grid Betreiber bekommen nichts eigenes erstellt und würden keine Einahmen haben.

Hier in OpenSim ist es doch einfacher. Man kopiere Gegenstände aus anderen Grids und verkaufe diese gegen harte Währung auf der eigenen SIM. Überlasse die Arbeit anderen und bereiche dich daran. Das ist doch das Motto, wonach viele Gridbetreiber arbeiten. Auf dieses schäbige Verhalten haben bereits diverse OpenSimler und diverse Copyboter hingewiesen und wurden selbst du geächteten.

Meiner persönlichen Meinung nach sollte man nun wirklich dazu übergehen, Grids und Sims, die mit Globits arbeiten in dem eigenen Grid zu bannen. Sicherlich ist das auch kein 100%iger Schutz, aber es setzt ein Zeichen, dass reales Geld für Digitale Güter in openSim nichts zu suchen hat
Kelley_Adams 2 months ago
Coder, there is an element of truth to what you say in respect to uncreative. Some grids are works of art displaying what they offer for free. Some others tend to look more like flea markets or caravan Sunday. High quality content takes time for which there is no escape. Content and packaging when done on a large scale requires a lot of effort regardless of the source. May it be a free download website or tastefully done Opensimulator region. People who attempt to sell free items obtained elsewhere in-world has been going on for years. When residents learn they have been cheated, they will migrate away. Just as SL content has migrated to Opensimulator, so has the door swung the other way with content leaving here and going into SL as personal inventory.
As you well know, code is the same way, there is clean, efficient, brilliant code in contrast to sloppily thrown together uncommented code that almost works. If people can not tell the difference between the two nor care about quality, they deserve what they own. Take a look around, the good providers prosper, the remainder keep an ideal of it'll do.
Time, effort, and the love of doing what you do will make all the difference needed.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
I respect your opinion because it is not degrading or bashing. My point I am trying to make is who cares let them fail let them fail if they don't make any money so be it at the end of the day we choose how to play or run our virtual grid.

As far as being outlawed I doubt that all was pointed out was that we have freebie items No one has ever sold a freebie item for profit and I displayed that down below with links, And yes ban them if there commercial and you don't like it ban them from entering. Free open sim great i have no problem with that Commercial I have no problem with that also. Harassing in open sim yes I have a problem but thanks for your thoughts. People can share a belief with out degrading insulting or slandering, and even tho I do not agree with it I can still respect it because you presented it peaceful not with hate.

Even tho this is not even my discussion to begin with the creator of this discussion asked for help in re guards to bad comments and this has turned in to something else which did not even answer her question.
JustoBelfire 2 months ago
MalaniBaller is a cyber-criminal who does the Tax Evasion fraud and crime for years in Opensim
This is where he can be reported online
You don't need to be resident or have bought something from him in his grid if you pay your taxes you have been stolen by him.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
ooooo come get me report me report me I want them to get me. No one is clicking on that link. Alt number 55. I thought you said I was a newbie to open sim now I did years of crime someone needs to get there lies together or maybe all the alts need to have a meeting so you guys know what to post you sound so stupid. My fictional character has done tax fraud oooooo ty for giving me a role play story line let me go plot some more tax fraud. xoxo
JustoBelfire 2 months ago
I can't waste time argue with people like you, save your time, energy and argues to authorities it's good for both ok?
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Cant be from the states not that bright at all. it's good for both ok? Make it make sense or don't address me.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
then log off and go to real life do you have one? or are you obsessed with me? shoo fly! Please call them I beg of you.. Or simply take your behind to bed you bore me.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Lies again lmaoooo but I am gonna let you talk to yourself now I got exactly what I wanted yesterday for all of you to look like bullies now everyone has a good eye on all your alts so thank you for messing with me.

You picked the wrong one now waves goodbye save your tears for someone who cares you no nothing of how my grid started or how it is ran miss me with it and go find someone to accuse of tax fraud bye.

Webster xoxo ty for doing what i wanted you are the best a girl could ask for! passes you some tissue cheer up don't be so but hurt bless your heart!

I never left sl and I never will make money there and I am gonna make it here too grins you wont get me out of open sim either dry your tears baby you will be ok.

Take a break from the pc get some fresh air you seem like your panties are ruffled awwwww your so worked up me on the other hand I am crying laughing Webster and friends are upset about virtual life damn real life must suck real bad for you. I am gonna pray for you.
lllMoon 2 months ago
People poor like you, that wanna money from every way... Is like a cancer. Hope you be better in next life.
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
This discussion happened yesterday and you wait 24 hours to put your two cents in oh lets see you must live in my house to know I am poor get a life oh wait that's right you don't have one your here speaking to me 24 hours later. Next caller please step up Malani is on the line!
Lance_Newhouse 2 months ago
pffft... what a moron. *walks away snickering at Malani
JustoBelfire 2 months ago
What can you do when some keep adding GOOD comments?
What can you do when so many like us and put us at the top with so many good reviews?
What can you do when everyday so many say TY for you work?
What can you do when so many say don't stop keep doing the good work?
read some about Democracy you will find the answer :-)
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Webster wasted his time to write an auto biography of lies. Pockets are doing just fine gloebit sales people do shop if you choose not to it is your own business again you are who the president and ceo of opensim?

DigiWorldz is commercial and does just fine. You cant stop anyone from being commercial do you pay to run there servers?

So again you just wasted your time typing your story unless you can get in my server and shut me off! I wont be going anywhere now marinate on that. and try using your actual account all your alts speak the same garbage.

So unless you have some server bill money I don't give a bleep about your freebie crusade. People are scared to speak up to you but I am not unless you pay my bills in real life you are a non factor now think of another story to write.

Now do your research on Malani Baller not giving a bleep oh yes and I am still waiting for the IRS to lock me up remember I don't pay my taxes lol.

You feel so compassionate get us out of open sim then oh yes that's right you cant. You have no power to. If you think I am going to spend my usd on full permission items to give it to you for free you got another thing coming I will be waiting for you to get rid of me lets see if you can or if you are just a troll hiding behind your pc.

You keep stealing and supplying free items and I will keep buying licenses to sell and continue to do so stop me please I beg of you!
Good day Webster and alt trolls!
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Yes I think that would be a good idea if you pay for pro to have the ability to turn off the comments at least.
JustoBelfire 2 months ago
OMG that would be great it would allow you to make the charity scam as Suz Blessed did here
or like this form Linda Kellie alts begging 20us$ per copy in all opensim grids

The day opensimworld turns like Hypergridbussiness it will like Metropolis grid now and something new will come out as alternative too keep opensim clean and free of scammers and resellers else we would be a crappy copy of SL not Opensim
MalaniBaller 2 months ago
Nothing they changed the settings taking away our ability to block bad comments as soon as they did i was flooded with bad comments. which is why when i log in and see bad comments I come and give a good comment to people. I wont allow the devil to rain on my parade ignore them if you can.
scherzbold 14 days ago
That is the best idea
JustynTyme 2 months ago
I have to agree with that. Trolls shouldn't be allowed especially when they come just to leave bad comments cause they can. sad they removed the ability to remove the trash comments. Some bad is ok we learn from it but many abuse it, just cause they're allowed too. Those who pay a yearly membership should have the privilege to remove bad comments.
JustoBelfire 2 months ago
So you propose the for Opensimworlds?
Protect paying trolls? no no i prefer independent and funded by Google Ads :-) Imagine amazon with only 5 star reviews lol