Tenshi Tenshi posted March 14, 2019, 06:53

Farm items got reset to zero, after reboot and grid offline for 8 hours

My 100 casks of maturing wine and whiskey are poofing expiring, my farm birds all became eggs, I lost three trays of stored produce reset to 0%, and all my vines and trees are stripped etc... after a reboot and when our grid was offline for 8 hours, I was wondering if I could get some assistance and information from a fellow farmer or maybe the developer of the farming game,

Thank you,


johnsheppard 2 months ago
I had the same problem!!! Was this TAG, Tenshi? I have corn but it's -1791918 something and the chicken coop won't accept it. It's one of the reasons I have stopped really investing time in TAG
opensimworld 2 months ago
The farm items do not re-initialize even if the region's scripts are reset. This can only happen if the region is restored from an OAR , in which case the UUIDs of items & animals change. It is possible that your your grid was restored to a new server for example. If you need to restore from OAR in the future, remember to take the animals into your inventory before restoring the region.
johnsheppard 2 months ago
We have no idea. They do weekly updates to the grid, and I log in and find a disaster. My storage racks (all 3 of them) were full! now all 0%, all my plants had to be reset. Oh and the almost 2K in the orange buy/sell box is gone too. I have had issues with TAG and their updates killing my animals in the past, so I stopped rezzing animals.
Tenshi 2 months ago
Okay noted, Thank You very much for the prompt response.