johnboy johnboy posted June 26, 2018, 14:05

More and More items added to snoodle world

Have you been to the outside top of the castle yet? a complete market has been added and all copy and FREE, also more items in the FREEBIE shop have been added but the biggest change is we now have a relax area and a Disco in the Cave, by yourself? no problem just rez a dancing partner to dance with you and you can even change partner too, all done with the dance ball. Loads of Houses all prim made so you can change anything and everything you want. Come visit snoodle world and have a good look around, you dont know what you are missing, and if I am there then come say Hello


johnboy 3 months ago
Things are no transfer for obvious reasons that people take them and sell them in their own store !!! everything is FREE on my site both in Panthera grid and in Tranquility grid, everything is there to give people free items not make money from them :-) many-many items are on site including of course all the Houses so welcome all and anybody :-)
Freya12 3 months ago
Hi johnboy yes your items inside the vendors are no transfer but your sale boxes/vendors are buy copy!

I would suggest making the sale boxes/vendors as buy contents that way it is obvious that the actual vendors/sale boxes themselves cannot be placed into other grids freebie malls. By having your sale boxes/vendors as buy copy that is given people the impression that they can buy a copy of the sales vendors and then put them out into there freebie malls where people will then buy it and use the no transfer items inside on there lands.

Its pretty simple vendors should be buy contents inside if you do not want them else where.

Good job i double checked :)
Freya12 3 months ago
Hi Johnboy, all of the sale boxes are buy copy instead of buy contents, does this mean that we are allowed to put the sale boxes into our buildings store keeping the landmarks and the perms as they are? Just wanted to check first