shiva shiva posted February 11, 2018, 12:12
When peoples get free content and sell it for real money on there own grid!

It is sad to see peoples who collect free content from different Grids/Regions and sell it for real money on there own shops. Today i noticed it @ mundo.virtualbrasil3d.com.br. I stoped by and saw half of our female shop content and other freebie shops sold by DJ LUH for 100 bucks of there currency (for each item), that you can buy with real money @ the website. If peoples are renting regions for real money it is not great but not my problem. But when peoples get free content and try to make real money with it, i cant look away!


Thor75 1 months ago
Pride city http://opensimworld.com/hop/78242-Prid...
Are just as bad they take free content made by other users then put them in stores charging for them, yes it may be a fake currency but
1. what right do they have to give other peoples free content away by charging anything for it.
2. They only give you 1000 to get items with when some of there items they charge 1000 for and i have seen no way to get more,
ValkyrieSanngrior 1 months ago
Shiva never worry or waste time with what they do, we use that time to bring more, the more we share the less they sell. The strategy is simple FULL PERMS, TOP CONTENT, FREE, MAX DISTRIBUTION, the cleaver ones quit few weeks after they realize and return to SL. Stamp all boxes with the Bloody FREE texture and put LM's inside random prims, import the stuff named Free or Freebie they hate that because they are lazy. ;-)))))
RoneVB 2 months ago
It is very sad to see personal inrresponsaveis with your comments
People like you, I dealt with you in private chat, not to have to bring this to the public, but as you are a person who does not admit your mistakes, nor did you have the courage to respond.

The land that this user claims to have items sold this host on another grid that is not Virtual Brasil 3D.

When making a comment by speaking poorly of a grid or an island, you need at least the responsibility of citing the correct location.
AlanJ87 2 months ago
It's very sad but very common, unfortunately
scherzbold 2 months ago
That is older then Second Life itself this problem
oopsee 2 months ago
best to do is make all boxes for sale for zero and contents only
in this way these people do not get the box art and must make their own ... also on the box art add "free" to cover the box ... they can not simply take the boxes and put for display then sell with free posted all over it
Sexxyladie 2 months ago
very sad indeed... free is free and should remain that way!