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RoxyGellar RoxyGellar posted February 8, 2018, 19:54

ZetaMex and deceptive business practices

Deceptive business practices. When one calls a property a virtual reality ESTATE - REPEATEDLY - and a 4x4, this is a lie. A SINGLE REGION is a single region. I have had my account canceled. I'll be interested in see if if next month I am charged because apparently language and standard definitions are not to be assumed to be shared realities.

Anyone who was around and paying attention when ZetaMex was the ground zero of open sim drama (did it ever change) will not be surprised.


oopsee 8 months ago
very sad ... good news is grids that ban, restrict content, twist definitions, they lose residents and soon go out of existence
The grids who treat their residents as adults grow and prosper
best of luck Roxy ;)))