Morgenstern Morgenstern posted February 11, 2019, 11:58

WorldBox 2.0. released!

WorldBox is a server solution for creating a multiplayer virtual universe based on OpenSim technology. Setting up an OpenSim server is usually a rather complex task and often difficult. We developed WorldBox, drawing on our practical years of experience in developing various OpenSim-based projects. Originally, WorldBox was a closed project that we used only for our own purposes. And today we are ready to share our experience with all who find it interesting. WorldBox will not only speed up the development of the server, but also teach you many features of this amazing platform. WorldBox wizard will help you to install and set up your own Grid Hypergrid with groups, user profiles and etc.
Project details and download:


eaglewealth 2 months ago
mmm don't know about sailable waters really??
Morgenstern 2 months ago
Honestly I dont give so much attention on the Opensim physics posibilities because I use Opensim for education and business purpose. But if you interesting you can make a development aimed on this problem. It will curious to know.
eaglewealth 2 months ago
I had been running worldbox on dedicated server and it like same ol thing nothing fancy between 8.2.1 and 9.1 but stable enough. I found out i can save files in database folder of opensim and robust and can copy on new fresh worldbox simple and all accounts and inventory will show up once grid up.
JustynTyme 2 months ago
So world box is opensim 8.2.1? I heard opensim is trying to make all sim water saiable and I heard it use to be in version 8
JustynTyme 2 months ago
How many are using this? What's your opinion about it and what's the difference between this and outworldz and others? Just curious :-)
Morgenstern 2 months ago
I dont know how many. What the difference of 0.8 and 0.9 opensim? So I just made own solution because I dont like 0.9 Opensim (just for now) and dont like Gloebits and other fake virtual currencies, because it kills spirit of freedom in Opensim IMHO. WorldBox is not so comfortable like outworlds but flexible. You can disassemble WorldBox and move your regions, robust and data base folders on separate HDD, and then fix some bat files to have nice and simple control system with menu. Can you move your region folder out from Outworlds folder and it will work with Outworlds menu? Only if you recompile it. WB can build new regions for you simple and quickly. Outworlds will help you to setup your grid but he will interfere you to change files manually. It is nice for users those has not enought of Opensim experiance. But I prefer do everything myself without any restrictions. I hate restrictions)))
JustynTyme 2 months ago
I believe Fred does an amazing job with outworldz and his updates. Outworldz is user friendly and fred responds to emails and very dedicated to his work bringing Opensim users a program that is user friendly to start your own grid.
Morgenstern 2 months ago
I agree with you. Outworldz is perfect OS solution ever.
Morgenstern 3 months ago
Hello folks! WorldBox was fixed. Bugs with ghost map titles was fixed. Thanks to @eaglewealth for help!
Sobriety.Sux 3 months ago
Thank You Morgenstern for all your hard work. Your Worldbox 2.0 is genuinely appreciated by many even if they leave no comment at all.

Sharing your experience with others is the true OpenSimulator Theme.
Bless you and your work.

Please excuse my reply to a hater! I just had to relate my experience.
eaglewealth 3 months ago
I have it running but welcome region is surrounded with scararium regions on map and it strange?
SamanthaAtkins 3 months ago
I have been watching the of the Russian Sacrarium grid for over a year now.
I have the impression that soon you will not see absolutely your own regions, they will capture the entire Universe, opensim !!!
This is a very large organization hacker they came to take over this world...........
Sobriety.Sux 3 months ago
Good Gawd SamanthaAtkins!
Which do you detest more the Russian people or OpenSimulator in general?

I have not met a single person in Sacrarium that I could not get along with or talk freely to. I was welcomed by the grid owner like a brother. I was given anything and everything I could ever want for free.

I must admit, that I did need a translator, but beyond that I felt like part of a family. There was nothing going on there that I have not seen on different grids.

The bottom line is SamanthaAtkins, I am not Russian, I do not speak Russian, I have never been to Russia. I have visited Sacrarium grid and never felt more at home. Friendly people, helping people, taking time out for others. What is there to not like about Sacrarium?
Morgenstern 3 months ago
Hey people stop to shit in this tred, please. This tred not about Sacrarium, xenophobia or russophobia. WorldBox is out of all this crap. Note this, please and keep this in mind. Thank you.
Reacher 3 months ago
You look at their worlds that they own. I think you will find there all the objects of all grid opensim as a whole if you take !!!
I am very surprised in one year they turned the world opensim beyond recognition that people could not do it for 10 years !!!!!
Morgenstern 3 months ago
I found it! Thank you very much for your attention! It was an old map cash in Robust folder/ maptitles. I found here a lot of different maps not only from Sacrarium. Maybe it stay after test version or something. Now I already fix it. Sorry for inconvenience.
Morgenstern 3 months ago
Wow! It is strange. Thank you for your reply. I will check why this happened.
Morgenstern 4 months ago
I prefer Opensim v.8 because it more stable than 9 for now. I made WorldBox for runing big grids and grids with works under high loads. For example, Sacrarium (as AlmaMiranda already said as I see) works with WorldBox solution. It is a very reliable. So it is solution for those how wants just living and joy with OpenSim without any experiments or emergency situation. Im not said that Opensim 9 is worst than 8 but I see into face of true: OpenSim 9 is a bit not stable, has lack of memory. This is for now. When it become better, sure I will made new WorldBox.
eaglewealth 4 months ago
it runs on opensim version but most grid run on opensim up to 0.9.0 or 0.9.1
JustynTyme 4 months ago
why is worldbox still on opensim 8
AlmaMiranda 4 months ago
Sacrarium grid Works 1.5 years on this assembly. Version worldbox 8.2
Total Users: 1618
Total Regions: 42
Active Users Last 30 Days: 1657
JustynTyme 4 months ago
Nice so why is 8 better than the new updates?
AlmaMiranda 4 months ago
In our case, every day we have a large inventory, we stopped at a more reliable version.if we take an average month, we distribute 4 terabytes of Internet traffic each month We like this version as a stable option for large loads.We have tests for version 9, but this did not bring us a good result. Each one has his own choice and his opinion depends a lot on what goals to use for some version 9 works super
I am not a developer of this box. I'm talking about our grid, gave an example about us.
ehson 4 months ago
I am on Dreamgrid how do I transfer?
Morgenstern 4 months ago
Dreamworld uses Opensim 0.9.1 and has different data base structure. It is imposible to downgrade. There is better way to using oar and iar archives to transfer your world to WorldBox.
JaniaCleanslate 4 months ago
I love it ! I went to the site and reviewed the video looks like a fine product! much success friend!
Morgenstern 4 months ago
Thank you, friend) I hope it will useful for people.
JustynTyme 4 months ago
Explain what makes this better than any other solution that's out there. Is WorldBox better? if so why.
Morgenstern 4 months ago
WorldBox is solution not for Standalone hypergrid like, for example, DivaDistro, Outworlds and so one. WorldBox is a Grid Hypergrid solution, like White Core grid, for example but not with Aurora core, but normal Opensim. This is not better or worst but just different architecture with Robust-Opensim system.
JustynTyme 4 months ago
Thank you for the reply