DJNawtyNa DJNawtyNa posted November 21, 2018, 10:42

Thanksgiving Throw down tonight at My Final Life grid

Gobble Gobble, let's wobble wobble tonight at my final life grid. Come join me at the new club that's sweeping the nation here in Open Sim! You bring the energy, I'll bring the beat and we will see if I can't get you up out of your seat, moving your feet! It's a new day and I'm feeling grrrrr-eat! And I want to pass it forward!!!! And I want you to pay it forward also, so grab your friends, family, friendemies, and come on down to My final Life Thanksgiving Throw down party tonight!

7-9 pm (Dj Nawty-Na)
9-ll pm (DJ Divvy Div!)


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