RaylanGivens RaylanGivens posted January 22, 2019, 09:17

Emergency Vehicles

Looking for emergency vehicles to complete a city sim, anyone have any idea where I can pick some up?


SpoileDivaCarissa 3 months ago
I have police , fire engines and ambulance on my sims... go to Planet Earth 28 or The Spoiled Diva Freebie store.... I am listed here
opensimworld 3 months ago
Wayda's shop in Lani mall in osgrid has a collection of airport emergency vehicles
logansryche 3 months ago
I have a couple of mesh ones at OpenBox on FurValleys Plaza. Their unscripted so if you're looking for something that moves and interact with should look elsewhere.
RaylanGivens 3 months ago
Unscripted is no big deal. I'll have a look when I get the chance thank you
Krystal 3 months ago
I think i saw some at Wrights Plaza on Osgrid, sorry i cant remember the store name, also i think Hawks Shack Shops at Great Canadian Grid have some as well.