RoxyGellar RoxyGellar posted January 29, 2018, 18:26

Stop me if you heard this before: I can't log in.

Same user name and password that brought me here. Firestorm and OSGrid won't let me log in.


DaisyMay 11 months ago
having the same issue grrrr
MotoSapa 1 years ago
i stopped using firestorm 5.0.7 converted back to 5.0.1 that works for the most part
oopsee 1 years ago
Yup, usually when happens to me i try to log into a different region - same grid, then if fails i clear cache (not sure that does anything but is something to do), that fails i go to grid page and make new password, usually logging to different region does it.
All that fails then i utube it for awhile, take a rest and try again later.
good luck ;))
JimmyOlsen 11 months ago
All viewers use a single cache file no matter which grid have u been so that's why is important to relog and if it doesnt work well, clean cache when after visiting a region from another grid.