A real online store. Officially registered company. One-click purchase. Payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, BITCOIN, PAYPAL.
Client's personal account, support service, tickets, project documentation and other services. Personal project manager for customer.
Stress resistance of servers, protection against hacker attacks and break-ins. Extremely fast Linux servers ONLY. Automatic backups and optimization. Dynamic optimization of the database server. Per-minute monitoring of the status of servers and network. Load Balancing. And many many more services!
A team of professionals with many years of experience in server applications.

We do not offer something that we would not use ourselves.

Enjoy your virtual life with your and only your private grid!

There's nothing better than being the rightful owner of your own home. For your freedom, we'll build an entire network for you. Owning a hypergrid is much more profitable than renting land. You can create your own regions, sell land, build without restrictions. Travel without limits. Create a business or just lead a personal life by your own rules.