I've received some reports about objects not delivered in my sim, here's what I've found so far:

This problem will affect only to HG users, in particular from grids that uses the suitcase, that being said it won't affect all grids using it.

It seems to be some new phenomena, this started about a month ago tops.

You WILL receive the products you click, except they will appear in your inventory after a relog.

I can't do much about it but I'll report this as a bug at the open grid mantis.

So, tldr; this is just a bug that fixes itself upon relog, nothing to worry about but annoying nonetheless.

HG Magic, you gotta love it.
Much love guys, have a nice night.-

(Edit: I made that bonk hammer and pose for the pic, now idk what to do with it, so if anyone wants a copy of it IM me inworld)