How to populate a region was a bit complicated ; as you would like your realisation to be comprehended and attract.
I had met people who told me different things.

1° About commercial regions ; I defined that OSG it is not a place to make money, as the competition can only be in applications as scripting ; building ; designing and programming. Therefore the competition is applied with good intention to a creative standard with the tool offered to public to create their dreamland.

2° About Osgrid : I have met here persons telling me - "look I have a lot of space ; I have 25 regions (watever the sq-m)" - then when I had visited the regions ; I was facing emptyness in the "know-how" ; no terraform - no space management & no optimization. As "optimize" is a clever alliance of both TIME & SPACE ; we spend hours there to get to live in a "TWILIGHT". All those elements are very important to consider. The difference between an expensive marketing rental at SL and OSGRID is that : - SL will prevent your budget to have enormous space because you'd need a much bigger wallet to spend your monies. Large spaces meant on clouds or severs - are useless as individual. Simply because you are greedy for hegemonic space but have no capability in one single life to build an overall filled space upon such wide parcels. They were empty and never visited but by the landlord and owner of the server.

3°About doing an HG : Hypergrids need a maintenance and a management and a team of people as in a dedicated enterprise having its engineers ; as a user will pay for his client service - if you want to do a business there ; it would need to be very professional not to have complains about what you sell and people asking for refunds. Hypergrid is thus impossible to rentability - unless a company declared and having a liability and a considerable promotion-budget getting allocated - would emerge as a solution VR service.
- This is my idea about creating here - take a small space ; there are imported things yet or stuff you can get as free mesh by creators or then get on mesh tools easy.

The weaknesses of OSG are now visible ; the strong part also. Since there is no libertarian economy and capital ; there is less a desire to spend ; less an attraction for individuals new to it. Desire emulates to gift someone of something whatever the price (it must have a spirit) - whatever her/his culture or her/his education (a first thing intelligent you learn as a diplomat - exchange of brains). Being able to recieve a gift for oneself or get from others is the key to a success marketing story : it is called a TEAMING. Then OSG is made an egotrip sometimes mostly (I worked most of the time in a ghostland and alone) and can be a great challenge operated to "oneself" : per the educational - learning to do something and expand or grow in quality - exchanging with others to ascend in knowledge - with no greed anymore than found pertained in some ideologies and insider of discourses or a method - it is a way to learn with digital modern tools applied to the public technology. It can be reasonable by using a defined schedule.

Then it is revealant that there shall be less an interest in entertain or party ; reason why you will find people much genuine in OSG and less individualist in SL ; in SL they shall copycat others in proposed edgy fashions - but are not so genuine or tasked - because it is violent ; it is an ideologist ecosystem made of marketings and it pushes on spending Linden $ in a desire to get what others have already from "Makers". As you know some people living in Argentina (as an example) wouldn't be able to spend like others from EU. They cannot afford virtual goods because they have less money to spend in there and need to safest their family capital. It has all the trails of the original molded mainstream society in place (the social distance through classes) as mirrored : - but it is not OSG.

My own part is what I had been always asked by engineers in Architecture cabinet - In real : - I did it once and worked a full year in Orient for engineers.
Real modelizations made of plaster ; balsa-wooden and glue and pastels ; paints and plastic. This to serve the idea presentation for a customer in a low-scale replication of a future building. It needed in-design : to look explicit ; painted-flocked ; terraformed-levelled and structured.

Interior design : might need a full library of books (even for a mesher to get impregnated with civilization-art heritage) from modern era up to now (this is how we worked as the library of the cabinet had 8000 art and design books ; we scanned the texture out of large expensive art-books in a higher [dpi] - to reprint ; use cutter and reuse by sticking on panels) ; maybe also get for yourself a tution in a school of arts ; this because it is all an education. After the model was made and prepared as a cast to showcase - a second team was searching the future design of the external walls (compound or new material in construction last only 15-20 years ; they need decorative molded amalgams imitating stone or synthetic marbles) and later interiors as stuccos ; glass ; metals - to have everything ready-at-hand for the future contractor's budget.
- Travels form the youth eventually with a train as you see changes in nature and residents along your journey - just like in Virtual Worlds - as it was ever told...

- "This had to be confirmed as my own user experience - because I had made so few friends and didn't get either much in a participation to activities events ; didn't attend the Plaza or Forum meetings ; refused even invitations to dance... lol : not because I disliked it or unfriendly ; but a justification here that - a very 'few time is impartited to get on-board as a funtime and entertain'. So I just spend time to build ; learn from others ; design & understand a bit more what was Unix programming ; how the engine OSG was build-up and runnig also. How all of this worked !"

What I will leave here with Arcadia owner is what you will get in few months of work... Indeed it will have a signature and it will relay to USA heritage and reality with Marlon Brando tribute.

- Best wishes with your own and owned creation !
Ava Ozerova