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Default region of Kroatan Grid - Welcome Wasteland

Absolutley depresssing desert with absolutely nothing interesting ...
Stop! Nevertheless there IS something interesting: Teleporter to all other public regions of Kroatan Grid (beyond bridge, at the ruin), which don't look like such depressing ... ^^


Default Region des Kroatan Grids - Welcome Wasteland

Absolut deprimierende Einöde mit absolut nichts Interessantem darauf zu sehen ...
Stop! Es gibt doch etwas Interessantes: nämlich Teleporter zu allen anderen öffentlichen Regionen des Kroatan Grids (jenseits der Brücke, in der Ruine), die nicht so deprimierend gestaltet sind ... ^^

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My first train I've made in 2016. Script is very simpel, train very ugly - but I love this train ^^ * Mein erster Zug, den ich 2016 gebastelt habe. Das Skript ist extrem einfach, der Zug ziemlich hässlich - aber ich liebe diesen Zug ^^
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Some Freebies, some information boards and a few HG teleporter to other grids in OpenSim ... * Ein paar Freebies, ein paar Info-Tafeln und ein paar HG Teleporter zu anderen OpenSim Grids ...
3 months - 0 comments
Grid Telegates in ruin - if you are looking for something more beautiful than Kroatan default region ... * Grid Teleporter in der Ruine - wenn Du nach etwas Schönerem als die Hauptregion suchst ...
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3 months - 0 comments

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Bink 21d
<<< Kroatan Grid started moving end of Ocotber 2019 >>>

Please be patient if region / grid will be offline sometimes until all work is completed. I hope, all will be running again before December 1st, when Advent Calendar Event in cooperation with KiWo Grid will begin ...
Touche 3 months
No doubt you have a great talent for construction and design. Thank you for enriching the metaverse with your stunning regions, Lady Bink!
PowerOfGreen 3 months
Great build tho! i liked it good close to Halloween tried the chair.. my hair will never be the same lol Thank you for another great build!

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Jeez! )) I liked the waterspout in the region! ))) 5/5!
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