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abernice abernice posted September 21, 2018, 02:41

Should this discussion forum be used for event or self-promotion posting?

I see people using this discussion forum for posting events and news about their regions/grids ... is this the appropriate place for self-promotion? I feel each region owner has an event posting venue and promotion can be displayed on the region listings page. I would like to see this discussion forum kept for discussions related to topics that pertain to help or questions, do you agree?


sirswaghorse 24 days ago
lolz all these fake alt accounts that are agreeing with abernice is just too funny.
abernice 24 days ago
instead of pointing fingers maybe you could put forth a credible rational point of view that addresses the issue here ... like should this discussion forum be used for event and region/grid promotions?
give some reasons why "this" is the place to post these kinds of promotions ... go ahead because that is what this thread is about
qutie 24 days ago
i happen to agree with you abernice ... good for you ... promotions do not belong in a forum for obvious reasons ...
simonaskytower 24 days ago
What part of the word discussion suggests self promotion or event organization? If not delving into semantics, then why not just discuss? Promos are for ad boards, yes?
GundaHerleva 24 days ago
CocoaDo did use for several times the discussion forum to promote her events. she post's then deletes! What a cleaver girl we have here :-) 100 events none comes here you know why? Because CocoaDo Events are more special than all others :-) Please go CocoaDo we will not miss or cry for people with your atitude make a new alt and try again if you learn something with CocoaDo :-)
CocoaDo 24 days ago
Many of us left SL because of the constant griefing and petty drama so normally I avoid these kinds of discussions but if what you say is true in the last sentence of your last post, then you have answered your own 1st question in your opening post. Have a nice day.
abernice 24 days ago
Fail to see the "drama" here.
I pose the question, don't see anyone posting a positive response supporting use of the "discussion" forum for posting events or self promotion of regions.
Not one post to say "hey, the discussion forum is designed for self promotion and events and this is why ..." Not one explanation.
Only "call the police if you don't like it. your creating grief and drama yada yada.
When people have no rational for their actions they resort to personal derogatory remarks and so far that is the only drama here.
are posts here who "definitely agree". Seems I am not the only one eh?

GundaHerleva 24 days ago
We in opensim use to punish drama we zero tolerance!!! you will learn that in time :-)
CocoaDo 24 days ago
We in Caribou don't believe in zero tolerance policies except in the most extreme cases, preferring to work with people who don't meet with our code of conduct in order to change their behaviors. Perhaps you should reassess this and maybe you will attract more visitors.
kitonei 24 days ago
i agree
abernice 25 days ago
so i take it cocoado that you feel this "discussion" forum should be used for posting non-discussions and for self promotion and event posting.
see this is what a discussion forum is .. a place for ideas, opinions and debate or asking questions of the opensimworlds communnity.
at least your now participating in what the discussion forum is about, good job your learning ;)) congt's
being a discussion forum I can reply to any posts here and express my opinion as you can too -- that's not spam its discourse ;))
as for "policing" hahaha read the opensimworlds tos - "You understand that OpenSimWorld does not control, and is not responsible for Content made available through the website, ..." --- key words "does not control".
CocoaDo 25 days ago
This site has administrators. I would suggest you could take this issue up with them and let them police it as they see fit instead of spamming the board with your complaints.
GundaHerleva 24 days ago
Big shame on you, you know how wrong you are and you still insist, the more you argue the lower you go, This is not SL you are not dealing with SL kids!
sirswaghorse 24 days ago
gunda you are actually in the wrong quit it with your drama
GundaHerleva 24 days ago
Wellcome cryboy #1 Beg scream cry i don't care about you:) I'm not here to conform spoiled kids like you, Haters these days are so lost because Opensim is better than never before nothing you can do sorry :-)
sirswaghorse 24 days ago
not crying just laughing at nazi drama copybot people like you. glad to see you are getting butthurt for being called out please get more upset it makes me laugh to see you people cry when you are called out for your crimes and drama you create. hahahahahaha
gedo 25 days ago
i agree too
JimmyOlsen 25 days ago
I do.
Summersfun 25 days ago
i agree otherwise we will see every event and news posted here uggggggg
JimmyOlsen 24 days ago
It seems The Gate of Hell has been opened yet lolol