Bigmike01 Bigmike01 posted June 10, 2018, 13:52

Calling All HG Vendors/Sellers

Our malls are in need of full content.. We are in search for HG and Local vendors/sellers to help fill up our malls for the people of opensim.. We are on OSGrid but also HG friendly.. Of course All shops and Items needs to be free to copy and all shops are free to use.. We also offer free parcels up to 4096m2 in size.. PM me or leave a comment here if you are interested in helping out with filling our region.. Hope to hear from you soon.,. Come check us out.. Home


PassionFlower 10 months ago
Hiya ;)

I am Felicity Dove over in OSGrid . . . how can I help out? I can have a bunch of freebies sent over from my main avy, PassionFlower Jumanji over in Digiworldz. She's got a TON of stuff!!! ;)