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Old Japanese art printings(UKIYOE), modern Japanese cartoon characters, and more Japanese taste goods. The Dejima region in Japan Open Grid(JOG) is the welcome center for the hypergrid users. You can enjoy shopping using bonus Japanese Point(JP), which you can get at the first visit.
Dejima is an artificial island, which is a historical place in Japan. It was the single place of direct trade between Japan and the outside world during 17-19c in the Edo period.
Dejima is now a Deji(gi?)tal Market in the opensim world.

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FrankFunfair 1 months ago
Great and beautiful.
Touche 2 months ago
Great and beautiful. Like this region. TY for your job.
ceroshiro 3 months ago
It's beautiful grid!
Fun to explore, thank you!
Moontan 4 months ago
What a great colorfull and diverse grid to explore. I havent by far seen it all . It will be a pleasure to visit again (and again .. )
shinobar 6 months ago
OG 5th Anniversary special exhibition at the next region to Dejima through Dec. 2018.

Visit regions in JOG(Japan Open Grid) with full of fun.
Kunika 9 months ago
あらら>2 unlike になってる?・・・アンライクは好きじゃないという意味?やっぱり 2 like が正しいのかな?( Oh, 2 unlike? … It means that don't like? I wonder if 2 like is right? )
shinobar 9 months ago
「好き」という人が、あなたを含めて何人か居るけど、このボタンを押せばあなたの「好き」は「好きじゃない」に変更できますよ、との意味らしい。The number shows how many likes. "unlike" means you can cancel your "like" clicking this button.

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One of the most beautiful and unique grids in the OS. Especially the region "Journey of Chihiro", which is made with the inherent Japanese thoroughness and attention to detail. I recommend everyone to repeat the path Chihiro in the region. Very beautiful! Bravo!
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