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Fashionistas island
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12 months ago

Fashionistas island is a region dedicated to fashion, styling and photography.

Indeed is a freebie stuff region but in a more creative way.

Here in Fashionistas you will not find boxes full of unsorted contents or clothe boxes with texture huds

We are creating styling proposal vendors by collecting the best matching content

Each styling proposal vendor is a full wardrobe proposal all included except body, head and skin layers

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SooNovi 13 days ago
Still unable to access this region, or any region in Sacrarium. Yesterday I tried from several HG sims other than my own. Today I tried from my HG enabled home region in Kitely. Yesterday the message was always "a region with that name doesn't exist".
bettyfl 12 days ago
Hello SooNovi
i just found out this discussion about your issues accessing the region
Think i have seen you in the region few hours before
So i hope this issue has been solved
AlmaMiranda 13 days ago island
Try this insert map search click search and teleport
QueenOfNarnia 13 days ago
Perhaps the issue is the settings from your home Grid. If your home grid does not permit you to HG to Sacrarium, perhaps you might consider making an avatar with a grid that can HG jump between Sacrarium and your home grid. It's a little inconvenient, but places like Fashionista make the work worth it. (^_^)
SooNovi 13 days ago
Apparently that is indeed the problem. I wish I had known this about kitely BEFORE I created an account and bought a varregion.
AlmaMiranda 13 days ago
JaniaCleanslate 15 days ago
partying with the BETTY!!!!! WOOT love the venue betty!
VictorDeAngelo 22 days ago
Sharing is caring and bettyfl demonstrates that she cares a lot for all of us by making this beautiful freebie sim available to all.
bettyfl 22 days ago
Thank you Victor for this lovely comment :-*
KatieKay 2 months ago
What a great place to grab Christmas outfits and all the accessories to go along with it! A pleasant place to tp to and enjoy.. Thank you Fashionistas! Merry Christmas Everyone!
bettyfl 2 months ago
Thank you Katie :-* Merry Christmas XD :-* XO XO XO

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Fashionistas Island proved that love beats hate. Only great grids can host so much LOVE. A big Ty for all work done for Opensim Community! PS don't forget to check
This sim is must!!! What you get FREE here is 100 times better any other sim could sell!!! TOP TOP TOP!!!!
Love this place! great goodies ! all free !
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