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MichelleWoodget MichelleWoodget posted an update November 13, 2017, 02:30

Athena Bento Mesh Body 4.0 is now available in the Store

Ver 4.0 November 2017

What's New
- 4.0 Is the same DAE re-uploaded with LOD set to zero in low and lowest, complexity now is 20 times lower (Thank you so much M ;p )
All rigged mesh attachments (cloths hairs bodys guns whatever small) now follow this rule since October 2017.
- 4.0 Brings only one script inside the body (Thank you so much S ;p )
- 4.0 Comes in 2 flavors bento and non bento bodys to serve all
- 4.0 HUD's had some script reduction, also the 10 skin basic tones now apply face textures to Athena mesh heads
- 4.0 Keeps compatibility with all previous Athena appliers

To Do:
- Trash all previous versions of Athena up to 3.6 remove them from shops and distribution vanish them from Opensim because they consume lots of resources.


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