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Welcome! We are always glad to meet you in our shops where you can buy free goods (for home and garden, clothes and much more). Where the azure coast will remind you of vacation, where you will plunge into the atmashere of romance, the sound of the surf. !!

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Dear friends! OSgrid closes access to Sacrarium for own users. Please use another way for connect to Sacrarium. Be well!
6 months ago - 0 comments
New update))) Athena Bento Mesh Body 5.0
8 months ago - 0 comments
New update))) Welcome Afes!!!
11 months ago - 0 comments
New update))) Welcome Afes!!!
1 years ago - 0 comments

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LindaDiva 24 days ago
Totally amazing and so much fun !
CTPAX 1 years ago
Morgenstern 1 years ago
Excellent shop! There is everything you need and absolutely free. A lot of new every day.Afes became one of the most favorite places in the universe! If you ever visited Afes, then you will not need any more shops. You can see how angry traders of stolen content. They hate Afes because Afes actively bans them, making it impossible to steal other people's things. Over 700 visitors a month! Awesome success! Thank for your great job and good luck! Best of freebe market ever!
DominaCanning 1 years ago
Definitely the most luxurious sim in all hypergrid with the last updated content BEST BENTO MESH HEADS, BEST BENTO MESH BODYS, BEST MESH CLOTHES, TOP AO's BEST APPLIERS, BUILDINGS you name it, ALL FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!! i love it :-)))))))) NEVER miss this sim share the LM, there's no outdated content people are very friendly people, No spam No buy presure, Happy people all around. Amazing!!! TYTYTY Love you guys!!!!
simonaskytower 1 years ago
Gotta love AFES. Yes it is back up and running strong once again. So happy to see it return and offering the most up to date mesh packages in the metaverse. Highly detailed shops generously stocked for the most discerning avatar male or female.items .
Edina21 1 years ago
An excellent shopping district. The mesh here is wonderful.
VictorDeAngelo 1 years ago
Thank you so much for keeping with the spirit of FREE OpenSim. This is definitely one awesome region that is meant to be a help to everyone.
StevenAries 2 years ago
I'm having trouble at the moment visiting from OSgrid will try again later. sounds like a good store.
Aferistka 2 years ago
I'm always able to find the perfect outfit and so much more in this vast shopping region. Stroll the many shops to find a wide variety of merchandise in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
WinteriPrima 2 years ago
This is a wonderful store.. great job :))
Goosson 2 years ago
The most intense free shop!
NandaRotunno 2 years ago
It has wonderful items, a pretty organized mall.
SheriffDawn 2 years ago
Very nice mall wonderful items Great job!
CaipiraAeon 2 years ago
Tem Tudo do melhor aqui kkkkkkk Parabéns kkkkkk TOP, TOP,TOP kkkkkk
gingerred 2 years ago
Nice mall , great stuff , total shop fest
YA_MAHA 2 years ago
Любимое место что бы пополнить инвентарь хорошими вещами !!!! Коля ты супер !!
EnchantedWanderer 2 years ago
Коля!!! Мы тебя любим и твой магаз тоже)))) Не уставай нас радовать)))))
NiLemon 2 years ago
Very pretty mall, well organized, really great!
Lisa78 2 years ago
Замечательный сим !!! Всем рекомендую
rhiannon 2 years ago
This is a great place to shop! I've been there several times and have seen new quality free items every time I go there! Lots of mesh appliers, bodies and household items. I highly recommend visiting this region!
anonymous 2 years ago
Everything is FREE
i love this sim keep up the good work AAA+
WaydaDreamscape 2 years ago
Wonderful sim only top Stuff, i get amazed everyday!!
Everything is FREE!!!!!
I hope our inventorys can hold so much lol
Thank you Afes great Job :-)

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The most intense free shop till you drop experience you can have in all hypergrid!!!!
This is a top destination in all Opensim dear Hypergriders Top Mesh Top Mesh Bodys Top Rigged Mesh Cloths Top Scripted Vehicles Top AO's Top Price (ALL 100% FREE)
I'm always able to find the perfect outfit and so much more in this vast shopping region. Stroll the many shops to find a wide variety of merchandise in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
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