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Changes III
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Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Sci fi City Lucidus 5 City Role Play, Free Shopping Area and Club Zone. Lucidus 5 City is one of the few city's left on earth after a terrible post apocalyptic war that almost wiped out humanity 200 years ago. The human race is at the cross roads of the Dystopian times and Sci fi times ,with contact with alien races, what will be the future of Lucidus 5 come take a look around join the story! Enjoy our clubs RP Zone and Free Shopping areas!

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IndieAuthor 7 months ago
I would love to role play here. Is therfe a group? Admin? Anything?
NexusStorm 6 months ago
Indie we don't have an active rp group for the sim but if you want to discuss Role play please feel free to contact myself Nexus Storm within Neverworld and we can try to help in any way that you need. I am currently also building another city which will be on Changes I (Veridian City) that will be pure Sci fi role play. So if anyone wants to help out on any sims or start a group feel free to contact me.
HavenGrid 8 months ago
Love the textures and the environment of this region. Also has a freebie area with excellent selections. I'm into Scifi Cities.... recommend this one. :)
NexusStorm 6 months ago
Thank you Haven glad you enjoyed the place, if you need anything from the sim thats not copy just let me know in world (Nexus Storm)
Archael 2 years ago
Just huge, beautiful, impressive, the superlatives I miss to describe this experience, I highly recommend visiting this world!
And Nexus is so kind with visitors !
NexusStorm 1 years ago
Hi Archael ,Thank you for visiting Lucidus 5 City ,we are updating things right now and Club Sanctum will be finished today. Thankyou again for visiting

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Lucidus 5 City (Changes III, Neverworld Grid) Big changes we have completed stage one of our update with new areas and some great new mesh. Club Sanctum is now open and available to use for events , please contact Nexus Storm if you want to add your own streams for events or just use our great stream we already have. New Free clothes and items to collect all over the City. If anyone would like a free shop there contact Nexus Storm (Sci fi,Cyberpunk,Skins,Clothing,Free items,Role Play)
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