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oopsee oopsee posted an update April 14, 2018, 05:32

Thank you for your interest in having land in the Sacarium Grid.

What you get for one annual payment of $36 ....

One full 256x256 standard size residential only region
Admin rights
15 thousand prims
Super fast server in data center
Full backups daily (in case of oops - no oops)
Full maintenance and set up included

What we need ...

16 solid commitments to secure the server ... in other words we are not going to pay upfront for a server in hopes of renting regions to cover cost.
We will get 16 people who are willing to pay $36 annually - when commitment list is full you pay and we set it all up
Do the math ... this is only $3 bucks a month for a full residential region that you have all rights to for a full year.
This is not a profit scheme ... no one makes a dime !!!

more questions?
Contact oni kiri @ Adachi

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