Accueil Francogrid old

Accueil Francogrid old
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FrancoGrid évolue de jour en jour grâce à ses nombreux passionnés et participants. Vous aussi, contribuez à l’aventure, soyez les pionniers d’un monde libre et indépendant !

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opensimworld 2 years ago
The most special grid in hypergrids
Moonrise 2 years ago
I love this place. Beautiful, imaginative and creative.
111shawn 3 years ago
This is not yer run of the mill grid, that's for sure. It is one of the most unique grids out there, in as the creators of the contents are very clever in their craft of creating wonder and amusement. and yea,.... ... IS the one and only true HG address for this grid. all that other nonsense brought over from that first huge grid is for......that first huge grid (TFHG). hahahaha. Just a time thing. :)
ssm2017 3 years ago
the good hgurl for FrancoGrid is : instead of
it looks like the starting region is caching the url somewhere because i have tried to use from the Metropolis default region and robust receive a request for then it refuses the tp because of wrong url.
i was not able to tp from the Metropolis default region but i was able to tp from some other Metropolis regions taken by hazard on the Metropolis map.
If you're not using the region name in hgurl, it will send you to the DefaultHGRegion that is actually "Accueil Francogrid" but we will open a new hg region soon.
About the "region not found", it looks like there is an issue in some viewers keeping the old url anyway or misin ... (more)
opensimworld 3 years ago
Hello. As of now, the grid info url


report that "" is the login url

Maybe a change in configuration is needed?

Francogrid regions are still inaccessible my me and others.
ssm2017 3 years ago
"" is the loginurl
"" is the hgurl as stated in the "uas" element of the get_grid_infos.
have you tried to hgtp using another starting region ?
ssm2017 3 years ago
"" is also stated in the "gatekeeper" element of the get_grid_infos.
the gatekeeper is the hypergrid gate entry.
pralineb 3 years ago
Hello folks !
Thank you for your feedback, we will work to fix this hg problem asap!
111shawn 3 years ago
This is great of you 2, bringing awareness of some issue. Having just doing 6 jumps from 6 diff grids. I had 3 jumps with same error of "unable to verify identity", and 3 with the error of "region does not exist anymore". :)
111shawn 3 years ago
No way to do a new comment here, so I have to reply to my own comment. hahaha. I wanted to add, that on my SEVENTH jump, I removed the region name from the address, and failed again. THEN, on the EIGHTH jump (with region name still removed... I got there fine and listened to some great region blues stream by Magnatunes. :)
111shawn 3 years ago
We will also need an edit button for comments here, for this to be totally successful, It's just baby steps, I know. :)

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